All basic services to both organizations and individuals are provided free of cost. These services include public and private E-mail listservs, web-site hosting for local governments, and expansive archival resources. In addition, a document library as well as links to compatible web-sites are available to users.

E-mail listservs

Listservs will provide context-sensitive capabilities that ensure user-friendly searches. A listserv and supporting archives are already available through our Birds of a Feather Listserv option that can be found under Try Us, at our initial web-site page. Birds of a Feather is a general forum for IT interaction with focus on special software products.

Other listservs will be added on a continuing basis. We ask your help in identifying the most useful of these servers for inclusion in the web-site.

In addition to hosting listservs for other organizations such as Valgite, HUG Inc. and GMIS, will provide its own listservs in the various Meeting Hall rooms, which currently includes the CIO, Development and Techie rooms. These will be open to all individuals who log onto the site. Meeting Hall rooms will be linked to individual organization websites, in addition to providing listservs. As new groups join, their sites will immediately become available to all Meeting Hall visitors.

Web-Site Hosting

For example, already provides website hosting for a local government organization. We have developed a site for the Metropolitan Information Exchange ( that is accessible from the Meeting Hall. See the complete list of websites on the Try Us page.

Document Library

The Documents Library includes significant (and very helpful) public documents contributed by various local governments, such as RFP’s, policies and procedures, standards and practices, and contracts.

The documents included in the library are the very best examples of their kind culled from numerous initial submissions. We are actively seeking more examples, and eagerly await your own submissions.

Remember, we are all on the same team...the team of local government IT professionals, and we can only improve our profession through the continuing exchange of experience and ideas. Send us your stuff!

Community Meeting Hall

As already noted, the Community Meeting Hall provides a central place for sharing IT information in a manner that achieves new levels of synergy from this exciting interdisciplinary resource.

Each separate community will have its own forums capable of effortless cross-pollination of ideas. However, equally important, the separate communities will also be able to connect to discuss and explore larger issues of vital interest to each.’s initial forum/meeting rooms will be organized as follows:

The Community Meeting Hall will achieve full operability with our formal launch of this section in July. In the meantime, we ask that you send us your ideas and suggestions for discussion topics and any related matters appropriate to the Meeting Hall rooms.

Push the button and help us ensure that will be the central resource web-site that all of us in local government IT have always wanted and needed!