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LGov.org is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to improving the effectiveness of local government information technology services through the establishment of an active, mutually supportive Internet community of Local Government IT professionals.

LGov.org is the central clearinghouse to share ideas and information with your local government IT peers with the kind of immediacy and multidisciplinary impact that can only be achieved in a cyber environment!

LGov.org is open to all local government professionals who understand the critical need to share IT practices, products, ideas and services not only for their own mutual benefit, but for the public they serve.

News Update:

We welcome the following organizations and urge you to visit their sites:
HTE Users Group (HUG) located at  www.HUGinc.org. HUG is the users group for the HTE, Inc software packages.
Governnment Management Information Sciences at www.GMIS.org. GMIS provides a forum for I.T. professionals in local governments.

Documents continue to be added to the document library. Check out the new additions - particularly the  IT Strategy documents.

The Birds of a Feather Listserv has inaugurated its first software application group for Pentamation® users. If your organization uses Pantamation software and are interested in joining the group, please contact us.

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